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About us Who are Infinity Venture Partners?


At Infinity Venture Partners, we strive to create venture companies with infinite possibilities.
We bridge JAPAN - the second largest global economy and CHINA - the world's growth engine, to support the birth of new ventures.

Our Concept

Infinity Venture Partners is a unique venture capital firm which combines industry platform with venture capital financing.

Our Value-Add

Infinity Venture Partners not only provides venture capital, but also brings the vast network of experienced,
international partners. We strive to maximize the value of young ventures with our strategic support.
Furthermore, strategic investors in the IVP fund bring opportunities in business and technology partnerships
and thus accelerate growth of our portfolio companies.


IVP Fund B, LP. Key Investors

With the support of the leading companies in the Internet and mobile industries,
IVP Fund aims to accelerate the growth of the next generation ventures.



IVP Fund A, LP. & IVP Fund B  Legal Advisors

IVP Fund is professionally managed with the advice of world class legal advisors.